The company develops and manufactures products in different areas:

  • machines for the processing and transport of foamed polymers – PU roll and block presses, conveyors, cultivators, gluing machines, cutting machines, …
  • production lines, equipment and machines for the food industry – slaughterhouse lines and equipment, bakery equipment, stainless steel kitchen elements, …
  • low-temperature belt dryers – for wood-based biomass and other loose bulk materials,
  • lines, machines and equipment for pellet production,
  • lines, machines and equipment for galvanic, chemical, paint and coating industry,
  • cargo and passenger elevators, lifting devices,
  • conveyors and conveyor systems – screw, roller, belt, overhead…
  • serial products – pellet burners, stretch foil packaging machines, bike service stands, cane swing chairs…
  • packaging machines,
  • canopies, fences and railings, staircases,
  • vehicle upgrades and attachments, farming equipment,
  • various products and machines to order,
  • various externally developed products and machines,
  • CNC plasma cutting of sheet metal,
  • metal and plastics processing, assembly, installation and commissioning, R&D/engineering design, repair and refurbishment, maintenance and other services.



Foamed polymer product processing and handling

We are especially experienced in the production of polyurethane foam processing machines. We have been constructing automated lines for the transport of foam in various forms (blocks, formats, rolls), machines for adhesive joining, ccompression and wrapping of foam, cleaning the formats after cutting, foam cutting and routing, etc.

We are in close cooperation with Albrecht Bäumer GmbH & Co. KG, a German company who is among the leaders in the field of machines and production lines for the polymer foam industry.

Past projects: Plama-pur d.d. (Podgrad, Slovenia), Izoterm Plama d.o.o. (Podgrad, Slovenia), Ottobock (Duderstadt, Germany), Eurofoam (Sajóbábony, Hungary), Serra Foam (Ínegöl, Turkey), Breckle (Northeim, Germany), Foampartner Bock (Changzhou, China), Tempur (Duffield VA/Albuquerque NM, USA), WMT Burnett (Jessup MD, USA), Hubei Chengfeng Polyurethane (Xianning, China), Changzhou Yongfeng Foam Manufacture (Changzhou, China), Corporacion CLC (Mariara, Venezuela), Rekord-tim d.o.o. (Oriovac, Croatia)



  • Roll press – the most important of our products, enabling the compression
    of polyurethane intermediate products and wrapping them with polyethylene foil.
    This leads to significant space savings in transport (up to a 50 %
    reduction in volume, depending on the density of the PU foam). There are
    multiple models available, differing in the maximum dimensions of the
    intermediate products they can accept as an input. The newest ones allow
    wrapping of PU foam in blocks, in addition to wrapping the PU rolls. On the
    request of the customer, the compaction press may be equipped with auxiliary
    devices for the handling of rolls/blocks (elevator, lifting table, loading arm,
  • Conveyors for the foam blocks and rolls. The most common method of
    transport is the roller conveyor, with further options including the overhead
    grippers and other, more specific methods of transport, such as, for instance,
    exterior (covered) conveyors, movable conveyors (translating or rotating),
    multi-level conveyors, etc.
  • Automated lines for the adhesive joining of polyurethane foam.
  • Automated machines for the cutting of polyurethane foam.
  • Automated machines for the cutting of polyurethane foam.
  • Auxiliary equipment for cleaning the cut foam, dust extraction, etc.

Production lines and machines for the food industry

We manufacture various elements and machines for the food industry and cooperate with the company Proma d.o.o. (Nova Gorica, Slovenia) in producing a complete range of equipment for poultry production – poultry slaughter and processing lines (for both low and high capacity slaughterhouses). We also offer refurbishing and repair services for slaughterhouse equipment and production lines.

  • Automated lines for the high-capacity slaughterhouses.
  • Slaughtering machines: small circular slaughtering installations, circular de-feathering machines, skewer-making machines, steaming machines, chicken thigh de-boners, …
  • Slaughterhouse equipment: transport devices, transport carts, working tables, work-benches, shelving units, …
  • automated line for the production of soup pearls,
  • equipment for fish processing plants,
  • various custom-made stainless-steel kitchen elements

Past projects

 poultry: Pivka perutninarstvo, Pivka d.d. (Pivka, Slovenia), Jata Emona d.o.o. (Ljubljana, Slovenia), Perutnina Ptuj d.d. (Ptuj, Slovenia), Puris d.d. (Pazin, Croatia), Valipile d.o.o (Zagreb, Croatia), Agroživ AD (Žitište, Serbia), Madi Tešanj (Tešanj, Bosna and Herzegovina), …

Delamaris Kal d.o.o. (Kal, Slovenia), Pekarna Baškovč d.o.o. (Vrhnika, Slovenia), Mesarija Prunk, Marko Prunk s.p. (Lokev, Slovenia), Ribarnica Cerkvenik (Kozina, Slovenija)…

Low-temperature belt dryers

Low-temperature warm-air belt dryers are suitable for the drying of wood biomass (sawdust), as well as other bulk materials, organic waste, etc. Belt dryers are a part of larger lines for the production of wood-pellets used for heating, animal-feed pellets and organic waste pellets for fertilization. They are a crucial component in the pelletizing process (the process of compacting a material into pellets), as the amount of humidity, whether too-high or too-low, can greatly decrease the quality of the pellets.

Belt dryers are complex devices and in this region we are the only company possessing the knowledge and the capabilities necessary for cost-effective manufacture of such machines. We offer automated entry, drying and exit of the material with control of the output material humidity. Provided that the input humidity is predictable and sufficiently constant, an output humidity range of a few percent is achievable.

The dryer features a modular construction, which means that the capacity (measured in the weight of the material that can be processed in an hour) is adaptable. Subsequent upgrades and capacity increases are possible, if the need arises.

Past projects:

Energija narave d.o.o. (Žirovski vrh, Slovenia), Steklarstvo Mlakar (Kozje, Slovenia).

Production lines, machines and equipment for pellet production

We manufacture automated lines for pellet production. Their primary purpose is the production of wood-pellets, but with several modifications, the area of use can be extended to include animal feed and organic waste fertilizer.

The lines incorporate all the material processing and treatment phases. The line components usually include the following: entry hopper, coarse mill, low-temperature belt dryer, fine mill, compaction press, cooler, sieve, a device for the packaging and wrapping of the bags on the pallets, the intermediate segments – conveyors (screw- or belt-type) – and the electronic control equipment.

We can adjust the capacity of all the elements and the layout of the components according to your needs and space constraints. We offer the possibility of incorporating advanced robotic cells for dosage and packaging.

Past projects:
Strle Mirko Matija s.p. (Dolnja Bitnja, Slovenia), Energija narave d.o.o. (Žirovski vrh, Slovenia

Production lines, machines and equipment for galvanic, chemical, paint and coating industry

We manufacture various equipment for galvanic lines. We cooperate with Plaming Skupina d.o.o. and Boving d.o.o. who are leading Slovenian companies in the field of designing galvanic lines and equipment, painting shop equipment, waste water processing, … Equipment is made from steel with chemically inert coatings and various stainless steels.

  • Handlers and other handling and transport devices,
  • suspension shackles, tools,
  • supporting structures,
  • tubs and vessels for chemicals and mixing,
  • mixing devices, …

Past projects:

Unior d.d. (Zreče, Slovenia), LIV kolesa d.o.o. (Postojna, Slovenia), Kolektor ATP (Postojna, Slovenia), Iskra ISD – Galvanika d.o.o. (Kranj, Slovenia), Iskra Galvanotehnika d.o.o. (Glinek, Slovenia), MZKT (Minsk, Belorusia), Atotech d.d. (Podnart, Slovenia), CMC galvanika (Lesce, Slovenia), Intra Lighting d.o.o. (Miren, Slovenia), TPV Avto d.o.o. (Novo Mesto, Slovenia), LGM d.o.o. (Mengeš, Slovenia), Gamima kovinarstvo d.o.o. (Todraž, Slovenia), Doga galvana d.o.o. (Krmelj, Slovenia), Mahle Slovenija d.o.o. (Šempeter, Slovenia), Tajfun Liv d.o.o. (Postojna, Slovenia), Lama avtomatizacija d.o.o. (Dekani, Slovenia), ETA d.o.o. (Cerkno, Slovenia), Kovinoplastika Lož (Stari trg pri Ložu, Slovenia), Oplast d.o.o. (Slovenske Konjice, Slovenia), GAT d.o.o. (Sanski most, BIH), Gabrijel Aluminium d.o.o. (Grosuplje, Slovenia), Galvanizacija Fric d.o.o. (Cirkovice, Slovenia), Metrel Mehanika (Horjul, Slovenia), Fratar d.o.o. (Šentjanž pri Dravogradu, Slovenia) …

Cargo and passenger elevators, lifting devices

We manufacture all types of elevators; both personal/passenger and cargo elevators and lifting platforms; smaller jib cranes and bridge cranes, etc. We have the capability to manufacture electric, hydraulic and machine room-less elevators; we are also capable of developing specific lifting devices on request by a customer. In this field we cooperate with the company DSD dvigala d.o.o. Logatec.

  • Passenger elevators,
  • cargo elevators,
  • smaller jib cranes and bridge cranes,
  • bespoke lifting devices, …

Conveyors and conveyor systems - screw, roller, belt, overhead

We have a rich tradition of manufacturing all types and forms of conveyors and conveyor systems, for all purposes.

  • Screw conveyors,
  • roller conveyors,
  • belt conveyors,
  • overhead conveyors, …


Wood pallet burner JAKA 30

We manufacture and market the in-house developed JAKA30 wood-pellet burner. In 2009 it received the “Bronasti ceh” award at the international trade fair in Celje.

It is distinguished by its construction quality, robustness and adaptability. In addition to the burner, we also manufacture pellet hoppers and pellet dispensing systems.

The hopper can be of standard dimensions, or a custom construction – a smaller one, for tight boiler-rooms, a lower one, for easier loading, or a larger one, for less frequent loading.

The burner can be installed on a wide variety of furnaces intended principally for the burning of solid wood. It is important for the furnace to have a somewhat larger, easily accessible combustion chamber with an ash container, as it has to be kept clean (the smaller it is, the more frequently it has to be cleaned). If you are unsure about whether the furnace is suitable, we can perform an inspection. The burner is attached to the existing furnace door (it is desirable to have a spare).

The burner is equipped with all the control electronics and safety sensors. The operation intervals of the burner and the basic service parameters are set using a digital interface, but the burner can also be connected to an existing thermostat for manual control.

The burner and the hopper are delivered to your home, where we perform the installation and the initial start-up in order to ensure correct operation. We also provide technical and service support for the burner, even after the expiration of the 1-year warranty period. It is advisable to keep the variations in pellet quality as low as possible; in addition to that, a regular cleaning schedule will help to further reduce the problems inherent to all the pellet burners.

Stretch foil packaging machines

We manufacture the T&B Wrapper line of small foil-wrapping machines, intended for quick and easy (semi-automatic) wrapping of boxes, box-shaped objects or tires with a stretch-foil.

The machine is compact and easy to move, suitable for all types and sizes of working spaces. It makes the process of packaging goods for transport or storage substantially quicker and simpler.


Bike service stands

We manufacture bike service and repair stands for public areas with high cyclist frequency (work commute, tourist cycling routes, bike parks, trail parks etc.). These are equipped with quality Unior tools (exact tool types can be adjusted to the customer’s wishes) and a multi-valve compatible air pump. The steel frame is powder coated with durable UV-stable paint. It is simply mounted on a concrete foundation with the use of anchor bolts. Optionally it can come with an emblem (municipality, county, club etc.).

Transportable apiary

In cooperation with local producer and seller of beekeeping equipment we manufacture practical transportable apiaries for 10 standard wooden beehive housings “AŽ” (10 or 11 beehive plates).

It is intended to be transported with car-towed trailers and for this it is equipped 4 legs that can be adjusted in height and width (to accommodate most trailers and beehive location terrain). It is made out of painted steel components (sheet metal on its roof and sides is also zinc plated). On the beehive access side it has a hinged lifting panel that can also be locked.

According to customer’s needs we can also make an apiary for a different number and/or size of beehives.

Cane swing chair

We manufacture comfortable cane swing chairs with modern look and high quality (assembled steel construction, powder coated with UV-stable paint).

Bone-in roasted meat cutter

Robust and effective tool for cutting bigger pieces of bone-in roasted meat.

Sorting trash bin

Lightweight, practical and robust trash bin with 3 plastic trash bag compartments made out of stainless steel. It has a hinged cover and 4 swivel castors for mobility.

Canopies, fences, railings, staircases, yard entrance doors