Valter Frank began working as a craftsman in 1985. For the first four years, he worked alone, engaging largely in general locksmith work and manufacturing of machines for the slaughterhouse industry. After 1990 he started employing workers due to the expansion of activity and the increasing complexity of the contracted work. Presently, the company employs 13 people; since 2012, the position of the director of the company is occupied by Valter’s son, Andrej Frank.

The company develops and manufactures machines for the processing and packaging of foamed polymers, lines and machines for the food industry, low-temperature belt dryers, production lines and components for pellet production, galvanic lines and components, lifting devices for cargo and passengers, conveyors, pellet-burners, packaging machines, canopies, fences/railings, staircases, and other one-off or small-volume products on your request.

The machines we have produced have largely been our own designs; many of them have been sold abroad (Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, Turkey, Venezuela, China, …).

For many years we have been the recipients of the highest CCIS innovation awards. We have also received awards by the regional Chamber of Craft and Small Business in Ilirska Bistrica and the Municipality of Ilirska Bistrica.

ANDREJ FRANK - Director of the company





In 2008 we decided to establish a second family business, Profrank Meta Frank s.p., which deals with automobile servicing, tire services, technical consulting, intermediation and translation to and from Russian, German and English languages.